Sound Sessions

The frequency of sound combined with Reiki will stimulate the natural healing process of your body to restore physical and emotional well-being.

Couples Sound session

The steady strong beat of the Elk Medicine Drum connects us to the heart of Mother Earth and the Center of the Universe. It is the voice of the Great Spirit; used to call in the Evolved Ancestors to bring guidance and healing in the session.

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The Didgeridoo produces infra-sound frequencies (reaching below 20 Htz). This low frequency provides relief to a wide range of joint, muscular and skeletal related pain. The didgeridoo’s sound is an effective tool in releasing stored negative energy and emotional stagnation. It can also clear and activate the Chakra centers to bring balance and harmony within your body.

Group Sound Bath

The didgeridoo is also used to ground energy and connect to the heart center of Mother Earth.

Tuning Forks, Tongue Drum, Dolphin Drum, Healing with Sound

Tuning Forks are placed on the client’s meridian points. The healing frequency then travels through the meridians harmonizing all of the organs, glands, body systems; ultimately every muscle, nerve, tissue, and cell.  The forks can also be used on the client’s chakra centers to clear and balance; activating their full potential.

couples sound session

During a Couple’s session, the tuning forks are placed on the heart, third eye and crown points to connect the energy and loving vibrations of the couple.

Chakra Tuning Forks

The set of Charka tuning forks are also used to clear stagnation, healing and rebalance each center.

Sound Healing

The Crystal Singing Bowls are used to assist with clearing and activating the your Chakras. You will be invited to join Audrya in a Chakra toning. Toning is a powerful way for you to feel each chakra as your kundalini energy moves up from the base of your spine to the top of your crown. This is an empowering practice that you can take home!


“Audrya blessed my husband and I with a wonderful sound session! First and foremost, I was thrilled that he was interested!! It took romance to a new level for us, after 20 years of togetherness… it was nurturing to experience something that was extremely passionate, restorative, and admittedly outside our comfort zone. Audrya has a gift of sound, her voice melted me and was so blissful. She connected my husband and I in an indescribable unison. The Ultimate Couples Therapy!!” ~ Ally Shapiro

“It was a powerful session. Audrya is a gentle and intuitive guide & healer. She was able to Balance it all ( and I arrived with a lot!) as she lead me through a guided meditation and then used sound and tuning forks to balance each my chakras. 🧡💛💚💙💜 I feel the session & it’s work will continue to unfold and benefit all areas of my life for years to come ! It feels so multilayered & like so many gears are turning now!” ~ Delphine Davidson of Dew Drop Wellness

 Investment in Yourself and Loved ones.
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